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Long Van Phat Production investment and service corporation

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Address: Lots B2.01 + B2.02, Nhon Hoi Industrial Park - Park A, Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, Nhon Hoi Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province

Open letter

Dear our valued customers,

Long Van Phat is an investing and building corporation that does trade in infrastructure of industrial park in Binh Dinh province – Central Vietnam. May we send our respectful greetings and best wishes to our domestic and foreign investors.

Formed by members who have financially capable as well as experiences in industrial park management, we have been investing in the Long Van Phat Factory and Office Leasing Building projects on 40,025 sqm at Park A of Nhon Hoi Economic Zone located on Phuong Mai peninsula, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam.

Quy Nhon, located at a prime part of Binh Dinh province, is a key economic city in Central Vietnam with many potentials and advantages for investment and development. This city is also as known as a crucial connecting point to other economic regions nationwide and worldwide through transportation systems such as: airports, seaports, roads, and railways, etc.

The Long Van Phat ready-built factory and office building for lease is recognized a very suitable place for the construction of industrial production plants, especially those are not affected by natural disasters such as floods, storms, etc…, in accordance with other construction projects invested by us, we will help investors to save cost and help their business activities running in the most effective way.

Not only being at prime location, Long Van Phat already-built factory and office building for lease is also highly evaluated for its synchronous and modern planning, which have the infrastructure in harmony with other urban facilities, living space, retreat, etc. in accordance to meet properly the needs of those who are living while working here.

Currently, we have offered preferential policies on rental prices, diverse payment methods and many other support policies of the Government for early bird investors in our project. We’re welcome to our investors and we hope that the investor will be satisfied and guaranteed when operating at Long Van Phat projects.

Wish our valued customers all the best and success!

Best regards,

0905 341 463
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